Privacy Policy

As is a web portal, we value the privacy of our visitors. So, this is the document where we will share what are the privacy we maintain of visitors to our website.

Visitors are the backbone of any website/blog so privacy of visitors should be one of the main priorities of websites. So, here we have discussed about the privacy of visitors of our web portal – DamdarTech that is visible from following URL https:// .

Personal Data That We Collect

We do not collect any type of personal data of any visitor. We use Google Analytics on our website for tracking the user till he/she is active on our website. If if you enter your email somewhere on the website then it may be stored on the server and this data will be only on server and may be visible publicly if you share it in comments.

We use Secure Socket Layer(SSL) technology for our visitors so that they browse safely our website without any risk of hacking or data stealing.

Cookies Policy of DamdarTech

We do not use directly any cookies on our website but automatically there might be some data that get stored in your device CPU.

Third Party Access

We use Google Analytics on our website for user tracking while user are active on our website. This data is shared by only Google Analytics and our team. This data might be given to Government in some cases.

We never sell any type of data of visitors to any person or company.

Third Party Links(or Outbound Links)

Occasionally we share some third party URLs on our website. These websites have their own separate privacy policy. So please read other websites privacy policy before visiting them. We do not guarantee any outbound links may be safe for your browsing.

Advertisements or Affiliate

We do not use any type of advertising or affiliate network on our website. So, you may not see any type of targetted ads.


If you contact us your email may be saved for future purposes.

Hereby, by visiting DamdarTech active on you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

If Furthur you have any problem please be free to contact us at our 24×7 active email [email protected]. You may get response within 48-72 hours.